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RedOutside by Viktoria Koestler

About the artist: Viktoria Koestler

Viktoria A. Koestler was born and raised in Germany, and currently resides in Zurich. After completing a degree in business psychology and working for an international strategy and management consultancy, Viktoria devoted her attention to her artwork receiving training from Chelsea College of Arts (London) and Sotheby’s Institute of Art (New York City). Viktoria has been exhibiting her artwork in major cities across Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and is currently focused on exhibitions in New York City and Zurich. 

Painting Style and Inspiration 

Viktoria combines oil and acrylic paints, often on wood panels. Her signature style of bold and expressive brush strokes over multiple opaque and transparent layers feature brillant, vibrant, and high-contrast colors. Viktoria’s gold gilding craftwork accentuates the value of her creations. Her semi-abstract style is inspired by natural landscapes – including figurative and representational elements. The conversations she has with extraordinary personalities deeply influence the energy of each piece of art. 

Artistic Vision

Viktoria’s calling is to create bold artwork for people who wake up each morning with the intention to make a difference in our world – for people with strong visions and ambitious goals. An underlying theme Viktoria explores is the concept of success, visually conveying how people achieve success in their private and business lives.